Other Uses

Dogs & Cats

Sweet PDZ was never just meant to be for horses, even though it’s packaged and marketed as a “horse stall refresher.” Ammonia is just as dangerous for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, chickens, and all the other animals you keep in your home or on a farm.

Sweet PDZ is very effective in neutralizing and eliminating dog and cat urine and feces odors. It also works well to neutralize and eliminate what some folks refer to as “doggie” odors. In addition, it works very well when sprinkled on pet “mistakes.” Old dried up spots or recent and moist areas can be treated for odor simply by sprinkling Sweet PDZ over the soiled area. Sweet PDZ granules will work safely on all types of carpets and flooring, furnishings and fabrics.

Rabbits, Small Animals, Reptiles & Birds

It is easy to control odor in small animal habitats and pet cages using Sweet PDZ. Simply sprinkle a light, visible covering on the bottom of the habitat, cage or catch, and watch and smell how fast Sweet PDZ absorbs the urine and captures the ammonia and odors. A little Sweet PDZ goes a long way in these small habitats, and it makes your home environment and your cute little critter’s living area much more healthy and enjoyable without having to smell that noxious ammonia odor. Clean out your habitat regularly and reapply a little Sweet PDZ every few days, or as needed. Sweet PDZ is completely safe for use with these small pets.

Sweet PDZ can be used in animal habits for caged and housed birds, chickens, snakes, turtles, and other reptiles. A light sprinkling of Sweet PDZ every couple of days, or as needed, will neutralize and eliminate the ammonia and odors.

Llamas, Alpacas & Goats

So, your sweet, adorable llamas have decided to make a mess inside the barn instead of in their paddock or pasture. Sweet PDZ can help dissuade this unpleasant, if not outright rude, eliminative behavior, by encouraging them to move their dung pile out where it belongs.

Llama and alpaca owners have used Sweet PDZ to clean stalls with concrete, wood, or dirt floors. Just sprinkle some Sweet PDZ to take care of awful smells and keep your animal’s habitat odor-free. Sweet PDZ works in just minutes.

Compost & Gardening

Sweet PDZ is a "green" earth product. It can be put to use in your garden & compost. Recycle Sweet PDZ after use by applying the bedding that contains Sweet PDZ to gardens, pastures, or compost. It serves as a nutrient-rich nitrogen soil conditioner. This material also enhances the composting process.


Sweet PDZ isn't just good for horse stalls and pet habitats. There are other ways it can help you to breathe easier around the house. For persistent dampness in large unused areas such as crawl spaces or attics, use Sweet PDZ to dry out and eliminate odors. Sweet PDZ can also be used to absorb spilled oil or gasoline and remove their odors.

We recommend taking Sweet PDZ on your next camping trip to eliminate outhouse and garbage odors. It can also be used as pest control to kill insects safely and remove dampness and moisture after a flood.