About Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher,
Coop Refresher & Pet Deodorizer

Borrowing from the Earth to Make a Powerful Product

Sweet PDZ was introduced in 1983 with the mission to provide pet and livestock owners with safe and highly effective odor control solutions. Sweet PDZ has been a pioneering and trusted brand for nearly four decades, and our line of Sweet PDZ products promote positive pet hygiene and ensure strong health.

SweetPDZ. Zeolite mining plant, St Cloud-Winston operations.  


As the leading stall freshener on the market, Sweet PDZ is committed to manufacturing all-natural odor control products that are people, pet, and planet friendly with no perfumes, cover-up agents, or chemicals. By manufacturing Sweet PDZ products, we borrow a natural mineral from the earth so it can be returned to the earth.

“What a huge difference it has made... Even friends who don't own horses have said how odor-free our little barn is.”

– Sweet PDZ Customer