Healthy World Pet Deodorizer

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Healthy World Pet Deodorizer is a Sweet PDZ branded product that is effective at eliminating harmful ammonia odors from your pet’s habitat. Healthy World Pet Deodorizer is a safe, non-toxic, and all-natural pet habitat deodorizer that is 100% safe to handle. It quickly locks up and neutralizes foul odors, while also absorbing urine and moisture. It is also a disposal-friendly product which you can be included in your regular garbage, or yard-waste recycle bin. By making your pet’s home healthy, clean and hygienic you are helping keep your entire world clean and healthy. It’s part of Sweet PDZ’s commitment to keeping our earth “green.” Healthy World Pet Deodorizer is truly a full-circle green-earth mineral. It comes from the earth and it can be returned to it as a beneficial soil nutrient.

If you’re looking for a healthy pet deodorizer, the superior choice is Healthy World Pet Deodorizer. We provide clean earth ingredients to keep your pet’s bedding fresh and eliminate nasty odors. Healthy World Pet Deodorizer is available in a 3.5 lb. bag.

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