Lime for Odor Removal

Q: Should I use lime to eliminate ammonia and urine smells?
A: No. Lime is toxic, ineffective, and at best, merely covers smelly, unhealthful odors.

Why Not Lime?

If you are using lime to combat odor, stop. Lime products simply don’t measure up when it comes to ammonia and odor neutralization. Here’s why:

Barn Lime Covers Odor

Barn lime is calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate does not possess the unique mineral functions (cation exchange capacity & adsorption) that our Sweet PDZ mineral (clinoptilolite zeolite) possesses to neutralize ammonia. Barn Lime may cover up the ammonia odor if you pour enough of it on the wet spot, but all it is doing is hiding the odor. The ammonia odor is still present, and not chemically changed.

Hydrated Lime Is Caustic & Ineffective

Hydrated lime is very toxic and hazardous to handle or breathe, and it should not be exposed to any pet or animal. It is very caustic and can burn the skin and hooves while presenting significant irritations to your throat, eyes and nasal passages. It, too, only covers up an odor, as it possesses no neutralization benefit and ultimately ends up increasing ammonia.

Sweet PDZ Is Not Lime

Sweet PDZ is not barn lime or hydrated lime; it is a unique premium grade natural clinoptilolite zeolite mineral that is pH neutral and perfectly safe for people, pets, and the planet. Its ammonia capturing ability has been consumer tested and applauded for over thirty-five years. Its longstanding reputation rises above lime products as well as all other stall deodorizers.

What’s the Buzz?

Sweet PDZ reduces the fly population by reducing wetness and odor. Sweet PDZ is a desiccant, and flies will not land on it or lay their eggs in it.