Coop Refresher Products

Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher

Because chicken coops don’t need to smell fowl.

The PDZ family of products gives you Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher. The superior and all-natural brand that has been the #1 performing horse stall refresher on the market for more than three decades is now available in a perfect 10 lb. size for application in chicken coops and runs. Our coop refresher offers safe, fast-acting odor neutralization and moisture absorption through its unique mineral structure. The particle size of our Coop Refresher granules makes it effective and very easy to apply throughout coops and runs. Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher is “organic” listed through OMRI [Organic Materials Review Institute], and it serves as a safe and beneficial grit as it is an excellent source of calcium. And when you’ve disposed of it with your bedding and waste, it also enhances nutrient performance in compost and gardens.

  • Safe and fast-acting ammonia capture and neutralization
  • Non-toxic, all-natural, granular mineral ideal for coop application
  • No added perfumes, masking scents or chemicals
  • #1 brand name in horse stall odor control category
  • Serves as a fantastic grit - calcium is part of the mineral make-up
  • Best value over all competitive products
  • People, flock and earth friendly
  • Nearly four decades of proven odor control performance
  • Proudly made in the USA


KOOP Clean Chicken Bedding

East meets West to create the chicken bedding that is best.

Some time ago Sweet PDZ from Spokane, Washington teamed up with Lucerne Farms of Fort Fairfield, Maine to make a truly unique and superior performing chicken bedding for backyard chicken farmers. While our product is revolutionary, it really comes down to a simple formula: Combine two phenomenal brands that have stellar reputations with equine consumers and create just the right measure of high-performance and economic value to make chicks and hens happy and chicken keepers giddy.

  • Premium hay/straw is cut short for superior absorption and easy cleaning
  • The unique hay/straw blend provides excellent insulation in the coop
  • The special blend of Sweet PDZ and the hay/straw provides unsurpassed odor control
  • This combination of hay/straw and Sweet PDZ doubles up on urine/moisture absorption