Sweet PDZ Video Library

Safeguarding Horse Health

See how a Chattanooga, TN horse carriage operator deals with a smelly situation. McKamey Animal Center Executive Director Karen Walsh recommends a meetup with Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher brand manager Tom Menner to help an owner ensure his horse team avoids unhealthy levels of ammonia and respiratory issues. View application tips and best practices for a fresh stall using this all-natural Horse Refresher Product. Good work Tom!

Sweet PDZ Stall Application

Barrel racer Blanche Shaefer shares her goals for using Sweet PDZ. Its use in her stalls helps her horse avoid respiratory issues, a major concern for performance horses. Learn about risk for foals, ground feeding, and breathing at the ground level – great information for all stall owners. Thanks Blanche!

Benefit of using Sweet PDZ

Tom Menner applies Sweet PDZ to a horse stall, demonstrates how to treat stall wet spots and manure, and takes viewers through the disposal process. Learn how Sweet PDZ removes ammonia, lowers stress, improves performance, and helps guard against equine respiratory issues such as heaves and COPD. Have a safe and healthy stall environment with Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher!