Frequently Asked Questions

1What Is Sweet PDZ?
Sweet PDZ is a Natural Earth Product – Premium Grade Clinoptilolite, better known as zeolite.
2Is Sweet PDZ Safe?
Yes, Sweet PDZ is all-natural, non-toxic and non-hazardous.
3Is Sweet PDZ Organic?
Yes, Sweet PDZ is Certified Organic through OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)
4Will Sweet PDZ Work for Other Animals Beside Horses?
Yes, Sweet PDZ's use is not limited to horse stalls. In fact, it is used by breeders of a variety of animals including dogs, cats, swine, sheep, rabbits, poultry and reptiles.
5Do You Need to Mix Sweet PDZ with Any Other Substance?
No, there is no reason to do so. Sweet PDZ is very effective all by itself.
6Is Sweet PDZ Expensive to Use?
No, Sweet PDZ is actually less expensive than lime or other products on a benefit to cost basis. For example, you would only need to use about one third as much Sweet PDZ as you would use lime to control odors and ammonia.
7How Long Will A Bag of Sweet PDZ Last?
A bag of Sweet PDZ will last approximately three to six weeks in most horse stalls. Usage will depend on the activities and habits of the horse.
8Does Sweet PDZ Absorb Moisture?
Sweet PDZ dries the wet areas using its exceptional moisture absorption capabilities.
9Does Sweet PDZ Work with Any Type of Bedding?
Yes, Sweet PDZ performs very well with all types of bedding.
10Will Sweet PDZ Keep Working Even if it Gets Wet?
Moisture does not reduce the effectiveness of Sweet PDZ. By its nature, it always carries some moisture, which is necessary for its ability to absorb ammonia in urine.
11Will Sweet PDZ Help Get Rid of Flies?
Yes, Sweet PDZ reduces the fly population by reducing wetness and odor. Sweet PDZ is a desiccant, and flies will not land on it or lay their eggs in it.
12Will Sweet PDZ Harm the Environment?
No. You may recycle all-natural Sweet PDZ in pastures and gardens as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Sweet PDZ is pH neutral.