In a world where most are so quick to tell someone when they're unhappy,
I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!

– Kenda Ladd, Fruitport, MI


Our Sweet PDZ customers hail from all over the country and are comprised of owners of pet of all types and sizes, from sled dogs to working horses and everything in between. Not sure if Sweet PDZ will work on your challenging odor problems? Concerns about keeping a healthful environment for your four-footed friends? Read what Sweet PDZ users have to say about the benefits, ease of use, and economical advantages of our Sweet PDZ.

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I have a dog kennel in the middle of a small northern town. The urine smell coming from my kennel had me worried about possible complaints. I have wonderful neighbors and it is very important to keep my kennel quiet and non-smelly. After applying Sweet PDZ, for the first time in 7 years, I could smell the great outdoors, not urine! Thank you for coming out with such a great product. I've passed the word on to all my fellow mushers on our sled dog line. You have acquired many new customers!

Kathy G.

We started using Sweet PDZ a year ago for our Shire Draft horses. My barn with 5 horses in it never smelled better! The horses are in their box stalls at night in the winter and during the day in the hot summer months. Either time the stalls are always fresh and nice. We always have cleaned our stalls daily and put down clean shavings, but now with Sweet PDZ being used 2 -3 times a week it is so much better. Thank you so much for this great product.

Tammy Coakley, Knox County Fair

Being brought up in the country but not on a farm I tend to notice the strong animal smell in the barns.  This year I spent a lot of time in several barns and I quite pleased to not notice the overwhelming smell of the animals on our hot summer days.   It wasn’t until after the fair it was brought to my attention you had supplied us with your product and that is why I wasn’t able to smell the strong odors.  Your product really works!  I am going to tell all my friends that live on farms or just have animals that Sweet PDZ is needed to freshen up the barn or stall.   Thanks you very much!

Kenda Ladd, Fruitport, MI

In a world where most are so quick to tell someone when they're unhappy, I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product! I love, love, love Sweet PDZ and what it does for my barn. We recently built a small farm and were excited to bring our paint and retired standardbred pacer home to live. We put down stall mats and sawdust over crushed rock in our stalls, hoping to cut down on urine odor. However, with the warmer weather, daily cleaning still wasn't enough.   We were worried about the ammonia fumes and the health of our horses.  I had read about Sweet PDZ online and never, ever saw a negative comment, so we decided to give it a try. What a huge difference it has made!!!! We sprinkle a little on the stall mats after we clean each day. Even friends who don't own horses have said how odor-free our little barn is :-) Another great benefit we didn't anticipate is that no odor also means no flies.........the only stray fly in my barn is seen buzzing around my window screens trying to get out :-)    Thanks so much for making such an amazing product. I'm a loyal customer for life.

Karen M., Fort Myers, FL

I am a certified horse trainer and show my western pleasure horse.  I started using Sweet PDZ in my mare's stall a number of years ago due to the strong ammonia odor.  All I can say is "Amazing"....  I lived in a cold climate and the barn would be closed up most of the time, so the "smell like a barn" saying was all too true.  The results in my mare's stall were almost immediate.  The odor was not present and the ease of cleaning due to the absorbency of this product was stellar.  I was definitely hooked.  I started using Sweet PDZ in all the horses stalls.  Needless to say the "smell like a barn" saying no longer applied.   In addition, there was a reduction in stall flies, shavings usage, and cleaning time.  This product is so economical with so many benefits.  The overall health of my horses, whether it be respiratory, insects, or comfort is of the utmost importance.  I have since moved to a warm climate with open air barns but the odors, insects, and mess are the same.   Well guess what...I still use Sweet PDZ in my horses stall and all the same benefits hold true.  I wanted to share this with the Sweet PDZ Company and thank you for this wonderful product.    And just to add another benefit, after composting in my manure pile, It was spread on my property and we had a pretty nice lawn.  I thought it was my green thumb but your representative (Jim Fleming) at the Midwest Horse Fair shared the scientific components of the product.  He was very knowledgable and certainly an asset to your company.  Nice!

Craig Waser, California

I just wanted to sent you a quick note thanking you for your service. I purchased your product from Broken Horn Saddlery as per one of your suggestions. First off the store is excellent they have everything I could think of that I would ever need and more that I didn’t know I wanted, They represent you product very well. I spread your product over the back yard wear the smell of dog urine was awful and almost immediately the smell was gone. A week later I did another application more thoroughly so I put two bags over a 15’X30’ and a 30’X3’ stretch and the back yard smells nice and normal thank so very much for your product our neighbors are very happy as well.