Sweet PDZ Uses

Safe, Earth-friendly Odor Elimination in Every Environment

The multiple, diverse uses of Sweet PDZ is part of what makes it so desirable to pet owners, homeowners, and various industries. Safe and all-natural, Sweet PDZ is uniquely effective in neutralizing and eliminating odor and toxicity in all environments where ammonia is an issue.

Do you have a unique industrial or consumer challenge that could be helped by Sweet PDZ? From aquaculture to the warehouse, Sweet PDZ is changing how we deal with toxic, hazardous, disruptive odor. Contact us. We’ll help you determine how Sweet PDZ can help, point you to the right product, and provide you with tips and ideas about putting it to use around your house, farm, or business.

Dogs & Cats

  • As effective for household and dog runs as it is for the horse stall
  • Neutralizes and eliminates dog urine and feces odors
  • Ideal for cat litter box and accidents
  • Effective on general dog odor for a fresh household
  • Treats new mistakes or old messes to eliminate odor and moisture
  • Safe on carpets, fabrics, furnishings and flooring

Rabbits, Small Animals, Reptiles & Birds

  • Perfect for birds, chickens, snakes, turtles, and other reptiles
  • Easy to apply to cage, catch, or habitat
  • Fast working on messes
  • Maintains a fresh home environment where small pets live
  • Easy to reapply after cleaning
  • Use daily or as needed — Sweet PDZ is completely safe

Llamas, Alpacas & Goats

  • Messes inside the barn
  • Encourages animals to eliminate outside the barn
  • Ideal for concrete, wood or dirt floor stalls
  • Fast working in minutes on messes
  • Effective for livestock environments

Compost & Gardening – Upon removal of waste material from stalls

  • Blend into garden soil and compost after primary use
  • Effective nutrient-rich soil amendment
  • As nitrogen soil conditioner that releases slowly for optimum soil enrichment
  • Enhances the composting process
  • Confident recycling as a “green” earth product


  • For persistent dampness in large unused areas such as crawl spaces or attics
  • Absorbs spilled oil or gasoline and removes their odors
  • For camping to eliminate outhouse or garbage odors
  • For pest control to dry up larvae and kill insects safely and eliminate flies
  • Moisture removal & adsorption of stale, musty, mildew odors following a flood

Alternative Uses/Industry

  • Absorb oil and miscellaneous chemicals in house or garage
  • Keep trash containers odor free
  • Use as a traction aid for ice and snow
  • Use in aquaculture to eliminate odor along the development and manufacturing cycle
  • For industrial use for large scale odor and toxicity eliminator within many environments